On effective movie promotion

So here’s something that I’ve never seen before. The movie theater played the trailer for “The Lego Batman Movie” while we waited for “The Lego Batman Movie” to start. Additionally, there were a barrage of Chevy commercials featuring scenes from Warner Bros’ new movie “The Lego Batman Movie” interspersed among the pre-show entertainment for “The Lego Batman Movie”.

In other news, I liked Warner Bros’ new movie “The Lego Batman Movie” sponsored by Chevy.

I don’t know who flies American Airlines

American Airlines advertises during A’s radio broadcasts designed to make you think American understands you. You’re not really a business person traveling because you have to. You’re a die hard sports fan! The ad explains, “You might forget your toothbrush, but you’ll never forget the lucky socks you wear on gameday!” Toward the end of the spot, they say something like, “We know that you’ve spent an entire flight talking to the person next to you about the pros and cons of free agency and collective bargaining.”

Free agency, well, maybe I could see that conversation coming up, but I think that in 2009 everyone basically accepts that free agency is the norm and isn’t going anywhere, so we might as well accept it. But collective bargaining? Who the hell is discussing the pros and cons of collective bargaining? Am I sitting next to Marvin Miller on the plane or what? Some descendant of Robert F Wagner?

My point is that if I ever fly American again, I’m going to ask the person next to me what they think of the right of professional athletes to join together and present a unified front against the tyranny of the ownership. I’m sure it will be enlightening.