Restoring my faith in humanity

Just when the Twins suffered a brutal defeat at Yankee Stadium, sending their season to the brink…

Just when I was facing a Notre Dame-less weekend and dreading the reality that I had to put on this shirt (Note that I am wearing the hat by design):

[Just to be clear, I did not buy this myself.]

Just when I had started three machines at laundromat, I knocked my book (Rock, Paper, Scissors – Game Theory in Everyday Life) down into the void behind the washing machines. From the end of the row I could see it standing up amid the pipes and cords and dust and socks in that place that only a licensed professional should go.

How do I describe this item? It’s not lost, because I know exactly where it is. I can see it even. It’s just inaccessible. Is it still mine even? Does it belong to the laundromat now? Forget these philosophical questions. Do I buy another copy of this book? I’m only on the third chapter, and not really enjoying it, but I do want to learn more about game theory…

Then the laundromat attendant guy shows up. I explain the situation. He starts laughing and looking around the washer. He is not optimistic, and tells me that the technician can get there from underneath the washer on Monday. Then we start to look at the counter for folding clothes that is back-to-back with the row of washing machines. He realizes that the panel underneath the counter is only held in place with a couple of screws. A couple minutes later, he grabs a power screwdriver from the laundromat office, removes the panel, and the book is recovered.

No guff, no you’ll have to call the owner, or I can’t help you. Just a laugh, and then let’s see what I can do. God bless the Sunset, and God bless America.