The Most Anticlimatic Apocalypse Ever

Wow, those Doomsday Code (still available at Amazon!) guys kind of overstated the excitement of this whole rapture thing. I figured I wouldn’t be one of those consumed into heaven, but I thought that being left behind would have gotten alot more crazy. The library wouldn’t take the dollar I tried to give them for the overdue DVD, but really that was the extent of the bizarre happenings yesterday. Oh well, maybe the Mayans can really deliver it next year.

Million Dollar Idea

I’ve patented this idea so don’t think about stealing it, you Sneaky Pete, you.

So I’m going to open up a grocery store that only sells dishwashing detergent. The trick is to make sure that we always have Palmolive in stock when the local, heir-less, millionaire comes into the shop, because he loves washing dishes, and since he’s heir-less, I can get into his will. This means I have to keep an extra special eye on the Palmolive supply and make sure no stoners come in and buy the last bottle. Otherwise, it’s my best shot at a million bucks!