Looking on the Bright Side: ND Coaching Search Edition

There’s going to be plenty of time to criticize Brian Kelly, the 29th coach of the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. So before he does anything to remind us of Davie, Willingham, and Weis, let’s say a few nice things about him:

  • He has a 34-6 record at Cincinnati.
  • He is the 2009 National Coach of the Year (Ty Willingham won the same award in 2002).

  • He’s been featured on SmartFootball.com for offensive strategy. (Charlie Weis was featured as an overrated recruiter.)
  • He makes the decision of color by the The Shirt committee easy. Maybe we can avoid the Return to Glory slogan this time though.
  • With initials of BK, the cross promotion potential is ridiculous. Have it your way, right away with BK now!