Marching for Science

So I was just wondering, what did we decide about science today? Are we still going to do that stuff? Or did we resign ourselves to die of preventable diseases, ruin the earth for the kids, and generally turn back into neanderthals.

I’m ok with it either way, but please let me know soon. If we decided to be dummies, I’m going to sleep in on Monday.

On effective movie promotion

So here’s something that I’ve never seen before. The movie theater played the trailer for “The Lego Batman Movie” while we waited for “The Lego Batman Movie” to start. Additionally, there were a barrage of Chevy commercials featuring scenes from Warner Bros’ new movie “The Lego Batman Movie” interspersed among the pre-show entertainment for “The Lego Batman Movie”.

In other news, I liked Warner Bros’ new movie “The Lego Batman Movie” sponsored by Chevy.