This week in vanity plates

DRPASTA – Italian restaurant owner?

BOYLROY – This was accompanied by an Elroy Jetson decal. Apparently this SUV is owned by an 8 year old from the ’60s.

LIFGOSN – No, there was no Corky decal.

CAR2D2 – This is the second clever plate I’ve seen on a green VW Beetle. “KARMIT” in El Cerrito is the other.

KHAKI – Proof that I am prescient when it comes to the stupidity of humanity. Ok, so I said “BEIGE,” but I’m going to take credit anyway.

OBAMA – The bumper sticker wasn’t enough I guess.

S8TANIC – Maybe I could understand a skulled VW Bug having this plate, but not a White Audi A4.

THHRBO – I mentioned this in my other vanity plate post. I saw the vehicle again and realized that it’s a Chevy HHR. I’m not sure why you would want to draw attention to the fact that you’re driving the ugliest car on the road.

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