The Top 3 Worst Vanity Plates I Saw Last Week

THHRBO – Remember when everything used to be “turbo”? Now everything is “extreme.” Actually, that should be “Xtreme.” Except for this guy, who wants to be turbo, but kind of knows that “turbo” went out in 1989. So he’s trying to start the “thhrbo” revolution.

SNEEEZE – Yes, three e’s. I imagine that “SNEEEZE” won out over to “LINT” or “BEIGE” or “NOUN.” “BOOK123” might have been an option also, but the combination of both letters and numbers was probably too exciting.

LCNSPLT – Let’s set aside the general class of idiots that can’t fit whatever message they’re trying to communicate to us in seven characters. This plate reminds me of when DT bought a fancy label maker for the group. The only use the thing ever found was when Jim Dandy labeled such items as “desk,” “door,” and “light switch.” The difference of course was that JD provided a commentary on the scope and utility of DT’s suggestions, while this driver spends $50 per year for the privilege of telling northern California that he has $50 to set on fire every year.

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