A Personal Best Thwarted

[Flat tire]
This morning I was on pace for my best time riding down to work, conservatively estimated at 1:15, an 8 minute improvement from last week. Then I realized, for the second time in three rides, my front tire was flat. If I thought seeing this Berkeley car on my first ride was a sign that cycling to work was divinely appreciated, I’m not sure what to make of these mechanical failures.

This post is an example of a ‘jeremiad.’

One thought on “A Personal Best Thwarted

  1. Jer, I’ve never heard of such nonesense with your tire. I’ve never met someone who blows their tires more often than you (other than me). Anyways… We of 610 were all marveling at your hour+ ride to work in the morning. You are insane. And I like it!

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