Plymouth Sundance (Ravenswood/Uptown) / Jere Improvement Plan

Last week, I started a new incarnation of the Jere improvement plan. It involves riding my bike to work, a 17 mile trip from Lincoln Square to Hyde Park. I’m hoping to do this three times per week until the weather stops cooperating. It’s a pretty nice ride along Lake Shore, except for the wind in the morning. There are even outdoor showers at the 57th Street beach that I can jump under for a minute so I’m not so disgusting when I get to lab. Unlike some other improvement plans I know, this one’s got legs.

I received a sign that this was a good idea when I came picked up my first Chicago art car on my first ride. It’s no shark or tocalo, but for the midwest, I’ll take it.

[Plymouth Sundance]

[Plymouth Sundance]

One thought on “Plymouth Sundance (Ravenswood/Uptown) / Jere Improvement Plan

  1. That’s my car! One thing that you have to consider when you have an art car in a place other than California is the winter. You have to have a car that you can scrape the ice off of and brush off the snow. It’s not fun, but it’s the reality of it. As far as mid-western cities go, Minneapolis has a bunch of art cars… but there are more in Chicago now then there were 5 years ago.

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