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Melissa loves cooking shows, which means she loves Food Network. These shows can be interesting, and you learn a fair amount, but one thing drives me crazy. I hate when they’re preparing a dish, then say you have to wait for 45 minutes, but magically pull a plate out of the fridge or oven, and it’s ready for the next step. There is one shining example of a cooking program devoid of this insidious behavior: 30 Minute Meals. It’s taped in real time, so you get the full start to finish on the meal. I have noticed that the host, Rachael Ray, is pretty much running all over the set, and obviously she’s pretty experienced, so it might be more like a 60 minute meal for a normal person. But this is still my favorite because there’s none of that “Here’s a plate of veal saffron that I prepared earlier. Doesn’t it look delicious?!” stuff.

3 thoughts on “Cooking Shows

  1. Steph likes to watch those shows… which pretty much means I watch those shows. I think Rachael Ray is disgusting and her food is boring. So what if you have to bake something for 45 minutes? That’s when you make your 30 minute items.

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