ND vs. Michigan St.: We really can’t beat these guys at home, eh?

I kept telling people that I thought we’d be in some shootouts this year. It wasn’t until the third game that it materialized, but once it did, we saw a doozy.

The Good:

  • Stovall finally stepped up: 8 rec for 176 yd and a TD .
  • Confirming what we already suspected: Fasano (7 rec for 93 yd) and Samardzija (6 rec for 93 yd, 3 TD) are good.
  • Quinn was a monster in the second half.
  • Won the turnover battle.
  • Defensive stops in the fourth quarter.
  • The Bad:

  • 38 points allowed.
  • Fumbling on the goal line.
  • The Ugly:

  • 12 penalties for 96 yd
  • Losing to the Spartans five consecutive games at Notre Dame Stadium.
  • There were two coaching decisions that I questioned after the game. With 7:03 left in the 4th, down by a touchdown, ND went for it on fourth and inches at the 21. They didn’t get it. If they kick the field goal, then they’re only down by 4. Whether they kick the FG or get the first down, they need at least one more defensive stop in the game and score to win the game. But if they don’t get the first down, then they still need two scores to win, which means two defensive stops as well. Obviously scoring the TD is a priority to tie the game, but the way we were playing at that point, I think it would have been reasonable to take the points and go from there. It’s a tough call.

    Secondly, I didn’t like the play calling in overtime. They basically took three shots into the end zone and kicked a field goal. Andy argues that this was what was working at the time, and I agree, so I can’t be too upset about it. Also, our defense had stopped them for the previous five drives. I feel like maybe they should have made some attempt to get the first down.

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