Evolution vs. Intelligent Design: Could I choose none of the above?

I think as a scientist, I have taken evolution for granted. Yes, we share ~99% of our genetic code with monkeys. Yes, we have remains of Homo erectus and neanderthals and whatnot. But I’m starting to think that maybe we’re not really evolving.

What’s made me think this way?

Has anyone seen that there’s a new version of The Apprentice coming out on NBC this fall? They made a sequel to The Transporter? The A’s used Juan Cruz in a tie game in the tenth inning at Boston? These are not signs of evolution. But are they signs of intelligent design?

Certainly not . . . unless you consider the designer not to be a benevolent one, but one hell bent on having a good laugh about it. I think what happened was God created a perfect race of beings. One that treated each other with respect, treated their planet as an irreplaceable gift, understood what was really entertaining, and how to handle a bullpen. That race is not ours. They’re having a grand ol’ time somewhere else in the universe, and God is awfully proud of itself. We’re the jesters. Throwing explosive things at each other, procrastinating in the face of natural disasters, continually putting out derivative junk into the media, and torturing baseball fans all over with questionable managerial moves. Not an intelligent design, but maybe a hillarious one. For an omnipotent deity at least.

3 thoughts on “Evolution vs. Intelligent Design: Could I choose none of the above?

  1. Babe, you are a freaking genious! It all makes so much sense now. What were they thinking putting freakin’ Cruz in the game when they have an amazing closer like Huston Street??? Idiots!

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