London Scrapbook

[Everybody at the Horse and Carriage pub]
My first experience off of the North American continent was to London in March of 2004. It’s actually a good story of how I planned this trip.

I was talking to Odie in February and he mentioned that he was going to London with Mike and Chris to visit Jack. Usually I’m invited to these sorts of events, but have to politely decline due to my (a) restricted amount of vacation and (b) restricted amount of funds. But this time, the trip was planned with no mention to me, which made me determined to go. So I rushed my passport application, and my parents gave me a very nice birthday present in the form of a plane ticket from SFO to LHR.

So I packed my things and crossed the Atlantic to hang out with my brothers from Keough Hall. You might think we’d take it easy after arriving to get our wits together, but no, the adventure began in full force on Day 1…

Incidentally, I do know that my elbow is wet in the picture above, but no I don’t know how it got that way.

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