Pt. Reyes (Jan 05)

I’ve been a bit lax about adding pictures to the site in recent months. I’ll start to rectify that now.

The day started with Odie and I driving to Bolinas to go to church there. It was a neat little place with an Irish priest filling in for the regular Irish priest. Maybe 30 people were there. At the end of mass, one of the parishioners told a story he heard from his son in Iraq. A convoy of trucks and tanks was moving through an Iraqi town, but in the middle of the road sat a young girl. If she didn’t move, the convoy would have to divert its path costing valuable time. However, one of the soldiers recognized the toy the girl held as one the army had distributed to the local children. As he approached her, she smiled at him, and he prepared to ask her to move out of the way. But when he tried arrived, she revealed that she was sitting with her legs over a landmine to stop the transports from setting it off.

We left Bolinas and decided to go for a hike at Point Reyes. We opted for a trail with a wide variety of terrain. Below is where we were after about 45 minutes. Charlie is parked over the hill behind that central group of trees.
[Pt Reyes hike, t=45 min]

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