FOUND: Berkeley Art?

A conversation that recently took place in the East Bay:

Chip Dipson: Hey, the trash people wouldn’t take all of this junk.

Dip Dopson: Why don’t you just go dump it somewhere?

Chip Dipson: Ehhh… I don’t like to litter.

Dip Dopson: Let me litter then. I was going to go throw this wood palette into the Bay anyway.

Chip Dipson: A palette you say…

[A short while later, Chip appears with the below]

Berkeley Art?

Dip Dopson: Ok. You’ve created . . . something.

Chip Dipson: I’ve created a solution. What we’re going to do is take this over to Berkeley and leave it somewhere. I get rid of these un-get-rid-ables, you don’t have to dump into the Bay, and Berkeley gets a new piece of art. EVERYBODY WINS.

Dip Dopson: You magnificent bastard.

Chip Dipson: Pull the Scion around. We’re out of here.

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