Life resumes today

To do list:

  • Clean off the scoreboard, sweep home plate, and knock the dirt out of your cleats.
  • Break out your #49 Anderson and #5 Wright. Buy peanuts and crackerjack. Sharpen your pencils and pack up your scorecards.
  • Tune in to Korach and Ray and Vince. Log in for Gary, Keith, and Ron. Be sure to catch a few called by Vin and Ueck.
  • Curse Evil Empires I & II. Remind yourself that the champs’ reign will be short.
  • Trust the grown ups in charge in New York. Awe at the master of the East Bay. And hope for the best in the North.
  • Pray for Johan and Justin. Wrap Sideburns and Bailey in bubblewrap. Enjoy the absence of Ollie and Francoeur.
  • Get ready to see old friends in unusual colors.
  • Appreciate the professional, the dynamic, and the graceful. They may be wearing new laundry soon too.

Repeat daily through October.

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