As long as we’re reminiscing: Jere’s number one meltdown at the Oakland Coliseum Edition

To set the scene, Odie and I are sitting field level with White Sox fan behind us. After not scoring any runs in the previous two games, the A’s are on the board against the White Sox, but struggling to stay in it after ace Rich Harden has been knocked out of the game. With one out in the top of the sixth, the frustration boiled over. From the post recapping the entire game:

The inning’s dramatic conclusion illustrates beautifully the problem with people sitting field level. With Sox Tad Iguchi (a good runner) on third, Paul Konerko lifted a high, shallow fly ball to right center. As A’s CF Mark Kotsay called off RF Nick Swisher and positioned himself for a throw to the plate, Iguchi prepared to tag up. The ball was shallow enough that I figured Iguchi would fake a dash to the plate and draw a throw from Kotsay. Meanwhile, ignorant White Sox fan is proclaiming, “That’ll score him! That’ll get him in!” The outstanding A’s outfielder made the catch, and to my surprise the runner challenged him. Kotsay’s throw to the plate was perfect, and as the catcher applied the tag, I turned to the fool behind me and lost all restraint. I focused all of the frustration of listening to his inane conversation with the equally ignorant A’s fan sitting with him. “Did he score? I didn’t see! That’ll score him! Yep, that’ll get him home! Wait, was he out? That’ll score him!” I yelled. According to Odie, the rest of our neighbors looked at me with a mixture of awe and fear. I suppose that makes sense since I had said almost nothing up until this point. In any case, this particular idiot kept his mouth shut the rest of the game.

The A’s came back to win 9-7, one of the most satisfying victories I’ve watched at the Coliseum.

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