Top Five Moments From PacBell/SBC/ATT Park

After watching Mets visit the Giants a couple weeks ago, I did a little reminiscing about my previous trips to SF’s ballpark which would be a beautiful place if it weren’t for all of the Giants fans.
5) Pirates/Giants, Aug. 10 2002. It’s the middle of Barry mania. Not surprisingly, Barry walks three times (although not intentionally). The crowd boos, the chicken dance is played on the jumbotron, and 500 rubber chickens are sold at the concession stands. A good time is had by all. With the Giants up by a run in the ninth, Pirates slugger Brian Giles comes to the plate with runners on. The Giants call for the intentional pass. Apparently I’m the only one who realizes the hypocrisy of the situation and yell out, “Where’s your chicken dance now! Pitch to Brian!” A mixture of dirty looks and laughs results. The Pirates score on a bases-loaded walk, the Nenth becomes the tenth inning, but the Giants win in 11, 5-4.
4) Twins/Giants, June 3, 2003. Twins first baseman Doug Mientkwiecz hits a home run into McCovey cove, a “splash hit.” of which there are a running tally. I yell out, add another one to your splash hit board.” Dirty looks result. The two-run shot extends Minnesota’s lead to 6-3, and the Twins go on to win 6-4.
3) Ibid. Sitting in the left field bleachers, I am as close to Barry as I will ever be. Every time he comes out to the field or a ball is hit his direction I yell “Junk Bonds.” Dirty looks result. The guy sitting in front of me tells me that I’ll stop yelling when his buddy shows up. Five innings of consistent “Junk Bonds” later, this guy’s friend shows up, and after some consultation, they inform me that I won’t be yelling that anymore. I look out at Barry and yell “Junk Bonds.” They return to their garlic fries with no further comment.
2) Mets/Giants, May 14, 2009. Gary Sheffield is playing left for the Mets. A Giants fan wearing a Bonds jersey starts chanting “Steroids, steroids.” Incredulous, I ask him how he can even think of mentioning steroids while wearing that jersey. Even his Giant fan buddies chime in. Sheepish look results. Mets win 7-2.
1) Mets/Giants, Aug. 26, 2005. After a game in which David Wright hits a solo home run for the only run of the game, a Giants fan asks if I think he’ll win an MVP like Barry one day. I say, “Yeah, I think so. This kid’s pretty good. And he’s not a cheater.” End of conversation.

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