Isn’t that the default?

I got a haircut the other day. Two things:

1) The stylist asked me what temperature I wanted the water when washing my hair. Um. Warm, not scalding? Is there any other temperature for washing hair?

2) Most of the stylists at this place have tattoos, which is fine. But I saw one with a tattoo of a cupcake on her arm. This is unnecessary. You’re human, so you probably like cupcakes. The only acceptable cupcake tattoo is one with the circle and line through it to indicate that you’re anti-cupcake. Otherwise, I’ll do the cupcake math.

2 thoughts on “Isn’t that the default?

  1. cupcake tatoo….you sure you’re just not jealous? 🙂

    my headwasher always ends with a blast of freezing cold water-after a lengthy scalp and neck massage in delicously warm water-maybe that’s what yours meant? keeps a person grounded….maybe?

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