Top Five Things that Ruin a Synthetic Chemist’s Day

5) Unreproducible results
4) Coworker uses up reagent, doesn’t reorder
3) Glassware missing; nobody admits to borrowing
2) Broken Keck clip
1) Getting scooped

Can anyone guess which two happened to me this week?

2 thoughts on “Top Five Things that Ruin a Synthetic Chemist’s Day

  1. For the love…I hope it wasn’t a broken Keck clip. Anything but that. You should see the massive red ones they (notice I’m not yet using “we”–yes, I’m still wearing white socks) use in Europe for their 29/32 jointed flasks. Practically indestructible!

  2. maybe it’s just as well i put off my trip to chicago…any dry games scheduled? love the picture!! also, we are selling the camper, but if you would like to take it and consider it a 2nd residence, let me know asap!!

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