The Shortest Distance Between Two Points, CTA Style

This is a diagram of the typical route of the CTA #174 bus from the University of Chicago to the Garfield Red Line station:

This is a diagram of the route we took last night:

The driver was clearly lost. My coworker JJ asked the driver what was happening. The driver said he missed a turn and was going to get back on course. He added that he had been driving the route all day, insinuating that JJ should sit down and mind his own business. A few minutes later, we were heading back toward campus. JJ again asked where the driver was going. He replied that he was going back to the university. My coworker then explained that he had just picked us up on campus. The driver changed his story and said that he was new to the route. Finally, he let JJ give him directions to the Red Line, and we made it there just in time to watch the train head off toward downtown.

Since I’m sure CTA doesn’t care, I will likely send this story to the IOC.

3 thoughts on “The Shortest Distance Between Two Points, CTA Style

  1. What’s most disturbing about this is that you appear to have gone backward the entire time (since the start is on the right hand side of the page).

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