Get out of my head!

This has been a banner day for songs stuck in my head. First it was Ricky Martin. Then the theme song from “Charles in Charge,” followed by the Macarena. Finally, the Spice Girls. If there’s an area of research that I want funded in this country, it’s to find the part of the brain responsible for having a song stuck in it, and develop a procedure which disables it without harming the rest of the brain. Now that’s something we should spend our tax dollars on. Seriously, I wonder how much productivity is lost by people distracting others by singing or humming these horribly catchy songs.

2 thoughts on “Get out of my head!

  1. why on earth were those the songs stuck… do these reflect the tastes of your new labmates?! if so… you have got to find a way to get on the box more often…

  2. Actually, I think the problem is that there is no box! With the box, the music was always changing, so nothing could get stuck in me head.

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