I don’t deserve a Ph.D.

I went to Berkeley this past week to file my thesis. I made my final corrections, collected my signatures, and headed off to the graduate division.

I was so happy, I think I was skipping across campus.

But when I met with the person in charge, it became clear that there was a problem with the title page.

I got my name wrong.

It’s not quite as bad as it sounds. I included my middle name, which was not on file with the registrar. This left me with two options: (1) reprint the title pages and collect a new round of signatures or (2) change my name with the registrar. I probably could have pulled off option 1 with some quick feet, but with the end of the semester fast approaching, I really didn’t want to take the chance. Thankfully, my new Illinois license has my full middle name, so the second option became viable. The registrar was able to do this, but the system didn’t update in time for me to file the thesis myself. Good thing I have some mighty trustworthy labmates to sort this out on Monday.

And then I’ll be a doctor.

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