People cheat on the written test? I’m never driving again…

Melissa and I had our first experience with the Illinois DMV yesterday. If you ever need an IL driver’s license, Deerfield is the spot. Short lines, friendly people. I like it.

Our tale of woe from the DMV has to do with a fellow IL resident. You see, our compatriot requested a copy of the written test in English. This was strange since he didn’t understand the worker’s instructions that were spoken in English. He then sat down, filled out the exam, and returned it to the counter. Every single answer was wrong. Even recognizing a red octagon as a stop sign. The DMV worker’s theory was that he had a copy of the test at home, and that he memorized the answers for that test. However, they have multiple tests at the DMV. Our friend’s ignorance of English probably didn’t help him understand these accusations. He did know one phrase in English though. As he left, he said “I try again tomorrow.”

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