Worst Items to Move

There are three qualities you don’t want in items when you’re planning to move: heavy, oddly shapen, and larger than a box. My strategy for packing these things was to pile them on as many pillows and soft, unbreakable items as possible and hope that they didn’t get throw onto, into, and through more fragile items.

Here are were the worst items from our recent move:

[Satellite dish]
#3 – Satellite dish – Not very heavy, but terrible shape for packing. If anyone knows of a use for this (other than signing up for dish tv service), let me know.

[Bicycle trainer]
#2 – Bicycle trainer – Just as bad a shape as the dish, but heavier. At least it’s increasing in value moving from sunny CA to the frozen tundra.

[Chubby's table]
#1 – Chubby’s table – This table from a defunct burger place has been passed around since its glory days in El Cerrito Plaza. It’s also the worst item to move. Yes, the base is removable from the top, but that base is heavy. It also has sharp edges which thankfully didn’t slice off any limbs or digits.

One thought on “Worst Items to Move

  1. this is more about the movie list… which i found a great lunch diversion…

    personally if #1 came true… there is no way that movie would have been the same…quite a doozy…

    if #9 were to happen, i am fairly certain Jaws would no longer be in my all time top 5

    and i loved #10 so much… i think i laughed out loud… but when you click on moulin rouge.. the other rejects are quite possibly even funnier…

    thanks for the good friday lunchtime…

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