Join Me! (Danny Wallace)

[Join Me! (Danny Wallace)] Danny Wallace is the same guy that decided to say yes to almost all questions, which almost got him killed, but worked out in the end. But before his affirmative action campaign, he managed to start a cult, although he’d call it a collective. It wasn’t on purpose mind you, and didn’t really even have a purpose for the first few months. They’ve since been dedicated to performing random acts of kindness on Fridays. I’m not sure how many “joinees” are involved now (definitely more than 4000), but it has spread outside of Europe, the forum is active, and there’s even a podcast site. Join Me is the tale of the cult’s humble beginnings, first priestly member, and struggle to hide it from its leader’s girlfriend. I’d probably recommend Yes Man first, but Join Me is an excellent follow up for those of you who enjoy mad cap fun.

Add this to the list of books you can finish on a coast-to-coast flight.

This guy might be more of a real life Kramer than Kenny Kramer. He doesn’t seem to work, but starts these elaborate (and somewhat ridiculous) projects that seem quite expensive. Yet, Danny lands on his feet. Crazy.

See the official site for more info and how to join. I probably will.

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