Yes Man (Danny Wallace)

[Yes Man (Danny Wallace)] Saying “Yes!” to everything seems like it should be a really bad idea. Just think of the amount of advertising we’re subjected to on a daily basis. But despite a fair amount of close calls (almost getting beat up in a bar, doing drugs with a stranger in Amsterdam, almost being consumed by a Malaysian lizard) and mounting credit card debt, saying “Yes!” turned this Brit’s life around. What struck me was how he referred to his way of life, e.g. “Yes wanted me to do this,” as if Yes were a higher power. This book has probably been written with the word “Yes” replaced by “God.” What started as a way for Wallace to force himself to hang out with friends more often thus turned into something of a spiritual journey, as he relinquished control of his life.

Add this one to my list of books for a hypothetical high school English class.

Apparently the Yes Man story inspired a bit of a cult, which Wallace has dubbed “Join Me.” It’s quite popular in Belgium, but he’s still working on the Norwegians.

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