I’m not even Tony Hawk in my dreams

If I have dreams, I don’t usually remember them. However, there have been a couple lately that stuck around in my memory. First, I was skateboarding all over campus. I thought I was doing fairly well (I didn’t hit anyone at least), but Odie told me I was the worst skater he had ever seen. The other dream I remember is that I was going to eat a donut, but then decided to split it with someone, so I cut in half with a knife.

What’s weird about these dreams is that I haven’t skated since I was five and I don’t like donuts. What does that mean?

One thought on “I’m not even Tony Hawk in my dreams

  1. Great, now I think we have deep problems in our relationship because you have dreams where I berate you where as nothing could be further from the truth.. Jeremy, this is the typical type of crap you pull. YOU SUCK!

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