ND at Michigan: Save your comparisons, please

All people could talk about after ND’s 17-10 victory was Knute Rockne and Ty Willingham (2002 version). Maybe we could talk about how the Irish have gone from receiving 13 votes to a top 10 ranking instead. Maybe we should talk about next week’s contest against Michigan State. Thankfully, that’s Charlie’s opinion. I’m thrilled that we beat Michigan, I-stuck-my-hand-in-a-ceiling-fan-and-didn’t-notice thrilled. But I don’t want one win or one good season. I want a program.

The Good:

  • The opening drive was a masterpiece.
  • DL getting their hands in passing lanes.
  • The secondary must have been doing something right back there.
  • Takeaways in the red zone.
  • Special teams contained Breaston, and Fitzpatrick squeezed that FG through the uprights.
  • The Bad:

  • After early success, the offense essentially disappeared.
  • Fumbles.
  • The Ugly:

  • Michigan student section throwing trash onto their own field. Oh yeah, and onto the visiting recruits. Nice!
  • I neglected to mention how hideous “The Shirt” is this year. I mean, they’ve been bad before, but this is ridiculous. I can tolerate the yellow, but can’t we just have a block ND or leprechaun on the front?
  • In other news, it was a battle of good coaching vs. poor coaching in Seattle. Cal’s QB Joe Ayoob rebounded from an 0/10 performance last week to hang 4 TD’s on Washington. With the amount of talent that graduated from Cal last year (Rodgers, Arrington, MacArthur, Lyman), this season will tell us if Tedford really is devine.

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