ND at Pitt: It’s only one game

It’s only one game, but we got the win against a pretty decent team on the road and looked good doing it. I was predicting a final score of 35-28, which wasn’t too far off the mark. Obviously next week’s contest at Michigan will be a tougher test for Charlie and co.

The Good:

  • Quinn – 18/27 for 227 yd, 2 TD / 1 INT, 0 sacks; Walker 20 rush for 100 yd, 3 rec for 57 yd, 2 TD; Fassano – 4 rec for 57 yd
  • Samardzija’s diving TD catch was a beauty.
  • The O-line controlled the line, setting the table for the rest of the offense.
  • Solid running by Powers-Neal and Thomas and getting Wolke in the game. We are thin, and keeping Quinn and Walker healthy is a priority.
  • D-line shut down their running game and got after Palko (5 sacks).
  • The Bad:

  • Quinn’s INT was pretty ugly.
  • DB’s got torched on Pitt’s first TD, and again late in the game but the receiver couldn’t haul it in.
  • The Ugly:

  • Penalties. Lots of them. 10 for 94 yd to be exact. Illegal substitutions were supposed to follow Ty to Washington.
  • Quinn still spends time outs like a sorority girl with daddy’s credit card.
  • The bar hosting the game watch doesn’t know how to work its high-definition TV.
  • It’s only one game, but in the Andy Malec philosophy of football, the first game sets the tone for the season.

    In other news, Cal steamrolled Sacto St., but lost their QB to a broken leg. Ouch.

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