Opposite Day

My normal item/pocket situation is wallet in my left pocket and keys, space pen, and any change in my right pocket. Today, however, I’m wearing pants that have a hole in the right pocket. My pen or loose change will easily go through the hole. To compensate therefore, I’ve reversed my normal pocket pattern, i.e. wallet on right, keys/pen on left. It’s worked pretty well in that I haven’t lost anything yet, but I’ve felt weird all day. I have to keep checking to make sure I have everything and I keep reaching in the wrong pocket when I need an item. I’ll lose my mind if I have to go another day like this.

2 thoughts on “Opposite Day

  1. This is the most fascinating post ever – please tell us more. We need updates! Did everything stay in the right pocket? Did you ever find the left pocket? Oh man, the suspense is killing me.

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