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Melissa ponders:

If Jesus told W to go to war with Iraq, don’t you think He also would have told him that government employees should have Good Friday off? I thought we were using faith [i.e. religion] to make the rules around here, people!

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  1. Blair offers bank holiday promise
    Tony Blair has pledged to ensure workers get bank holidays on top of paid leave if Labour wins the next general election.
    The prime minister announced the plans which will benefit two million workers currently forced to take bank holidays off as part of their annual leave.
    Writing in the Daily Mirror, Mr Blair said the move would benefit mainly low-paid workers and women.
    He said people can lose over a week of paid leave under the current law.
    Paid holidays
    “A third term Labour government will help those still missing out by ensuring bank holidays come on top of the right to four weeks paid holiday,” wrote Mr Blair.
    “This Labour government which gave everyone the right to paid holidays for the first time is determined to take action.”
    There are also the forgotten millions who… have these days counted as part of their annual holiday
    Patricia Hewitt
    Trade secretary

    The TUC recently lobbied the government for three new public holidays during the year, to bring the UK in line with Europe.
    Europe averages 11 bank holidays each year, compared to eight in England and Wales and 10 in Northern Ireland. Only the Netherlands has fewer public holidays than the UK, but Dutch workers have more annual leave.
    Welcoming Mr Blair’s proposal, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber, said the move showed the government “had listened to people at work”.
    “This could be the last Easter bank holiday that millions of UK workers are forced to take as part of their annual leave,” he said.
    Dave Prentis, general secretary of Unison, said everyone would benefit from the move.
    “These are not luxury extras, they are the measures that a decent, civilised society ought to adopt.”
    Minimum wage attack
    The proposals are part of Labour’s “People at Work” mini-manifesto.
    “We shouldn’t forget that plenty of people will be working this weekend – staffing our hospitals, keeping the transport system running or working in shops, bars or restaurants,” said Patricia Hewitt, trade and industry secretary and cabinet minister for women.
    “Not all of them will get a paid day off in lieu. And there are also the forgotten millions who, while they may be off these bank holidays, have these days counted as part of their annual holiday.
    “That’s not fair to them or to their families. So we are going to do something about it.”
    The prime minister is still to announce a date for the general election but it is widely expected to be on 5 May.
    Have you been forced to work

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