Incompetence in the checkout line & on the road

I have a simple request for Albertson’s customers when it comes to the self-checkout line. If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t use it! I’m in line today with a new personal best 12 boxes of cereal and there are customers at each of the two available registers. Customer 1 is trying to finish her transaction and then realizes that she hasn’t used her coupons. So she tries to scan them, then looks in vain around the console to insert them somewhere. Finally she calls for help. Customer 2 has about four items. She places her onion on the scanner, and tries to look it up in the database. I understand this is a difficult process. There are usually 5 different options for any produce (regular, large, organic, vine-riped, hand-washed, pre-shelled, spoon-fed, etc.), and usually I don’t know which I picked up, but I use my best judgment and continue. After carefully evaluating her options this woman chose and apparently did not feel she chose wisely (i.e. she didn’t like the price). So she decided to cancel and try again. She didn’t fare any better the second time around, so the employee came over to assist. After some conversation, she decided she didn’t want the onion after all. I don’t buy onions very often, but I take it that the ones that are as big as your head are expensive.

Eventually, customer 1 sorted out her coupon situation satisfactorily, so I was able to purchase my cereal and milk. I collected my items, hopped in the sled, and proceeded home. But not before a fellow driver reconsidered her selection of streets and turned around. One minor detail was the one-way nature of this street. I was screaming at her that this might not be the best course of action, but she assured me with a friendly smile and wave that everything would be fine.

It’s a tough world out there folks.

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