The funniest home videos America has to offer

While United is fixing their plane, the flight attendants were kind enough to put some entertainment on the TVs! Ooh, it’s “America’s Funniest Home Videos”! This is perfect, because I want to know what happens in the funniest home videos from all across America. A couple of things I know in advance. America is a big place. There’s like 300 million people here, so this is a great pool to draw from. Also, some super funny people live in America. There’s this other show, “Louie,” which is all about an American guy Louie CK, and it’s a funny show. Also, I went to a comedy show where this woman Chelsea Peretti and this other guy Aziz Ansari told a whole bunch of funny stories and thoughts and things. And those are just three Americans. So doing some simple math… Holy cow, by taking advantage of ALL of America, “America’s Funniest Home Videos” could be a MILLION times more funny than Louie CK, Chelsea Peretti, and Aziz Ansari!

So what funny things have been happening in the home videos taken by Americans? Let’s go to the video tape!

  • Middle aged men fall over
  • Men get hit with stuff in various places
  • Kids fall over
  • Animals
  • Boys get hit in various places
  • Kids make faces
  • Old people fall over
  • Pizza box dominoes

And there we have it! The funniest things captured on video by Americans! So what have we learned? People, nearly exclusively male, getting hurt without bleeding is funny. The most interesting thing in America is setting up pizza boxes like dominoes. Oh, and America is all white people. I think the old song said it best, “America, America, this is you!”

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