What is a male seamstress called?

L and L and I were talking about sewing the other day, and we couldn’t figure out what the male variant of ‘seamstress’ is. All we could come up with was ‘seamster’ which seemed a little too organized labor to be correct. However, the power of the internet proved that ‘seamster‘ is indeed a word, although ‘tailor’ would probably be the more common term. ‘Sartor‘ would also be appropriate.

6 thoughts on “What is a male seamstress called?

  1. i especially like sartor, since it evokes images of the little polish tailor-like your grandfather’s-sitting with the hand-woven fabric draped across his sartorius muscle, which is also called “tailor’s muscle!” and runs across the thigh…

  2. i especially like “sartor” b/c it conjures up the image of a little old polish tailor-like your grandpa’s-sitting with the gorgeous hand-woven fabric draped across his sartorius muscle, which is also known as “tailor’s muscle”

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  4. I especially like the idea of using the word “Seamster”
    it really emphasizes the male gender even though seamstress is primarily thought of in a feminine way.

    Excellent article, extremely insightful.

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