Who to root for in the 2010 World Series

I’ve been asked to weigh in on who to root for in the 2010 World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers. Let’s handle this scientifically:

Pro-Rangers: They beat the Yankees. Their manager is Ron Washington, the former infield coach for the Oakland A’s, who is credited by Eric Chavez for turning him into a multiple Gold Glove winning third baseman.

Pro-Giants: They beat the Phillies.

Anti-Rangers: They were previously owned by George W. Bush, who used his father’s political influence to acquire the land and public financing to build the Ballpark in Arlington, artificially inflating the value of the franchise before sale to Tom Hicks. He parlayed this into successful runs for statewide and national office. The Texas roster also includes the likes of Jeff Francoeur, whose horrible play captivated the New York media during his time with the Mets over 2009-2010.

Anti-Giants: Their fans are among the biggest bandwagoneers I have ever observed. During Game Six of the NLCS against the Phillies, I was at Trader Joe’s. More than half of the other shoppers were wearing Giants gear, displaying the dedication to their team that could only be interrupted by the need to buy Mandarin Orange Chicken and Pesto and Sundried Tomato Torta. They are too drunk on Two Buck Chuck to notice that their precious Pablo “Panda” Sandoval has added hitting to baserunning and fielding as things that he’s not good at on a baseball field.

Conclusion: There’s only one winner during this year’s World Series, the New York Mets and their fans. The hiring of Sandy Alderson as new GM signals a commitment to reform the organization from the the front office, through the major league roster, and down to the farm system, where the championships of the future are won and lost. So Giants and Rangers, enjoy your time on the stage while it lasts, because flukes like you come and go, but the impending dominance of the New York National League Club is coming.

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