Taking down the JK Rowling empire

Warning possible spoilers ahead!

Just so we’re on the same page, Voldemort is going around killing people and eventually tries to kill Harry Potter. He’s thwarted in this pursuit, because his mother gives her life to save him.

So am I to believe that Harry is the first child that Voldemort tries to murder? Wouldn’t any parent make the same sacrifice? And for that matter, nobody sacrificed themselves for anyone else in all of these battles? Sorry, but I just don’t buy it JK.

Otherwise, I think the series is great.

Thanks to NoShame for proofreading this post…

One thought on “Taking down the JK Rowling empire

  1. His mother gives HIS life to save him. Is this the spoiler?? Harry Potter’s mom has a sex change? I don’t think kids should be reading this.

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