What ever happened to Shirley Temple?

Shirley Temple would make for a great entry in an alive or dead. She was a huge star in the 1930’s as a kid (won an Academy Award at age 6) and then basically retired from show business in 1949. She turned her attention to politics and eventually served as ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia. Occasionally she will make an appearance, but otherwise she’s stayed out of the public eye. And yes, she’s still alive…

Yea wikipedia!

3 thoughts on “What ever happened to Shirley Temple?

  1. AND she had the most awesome show on tv when she was grown called “shirley temple’s fairy tale theatre” -that must have been like 1957 or so…the precursor to the video series we watched over and over and over in the 80s with shelly duval…that was so great…:)

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