What we learned this week from the Mets and Phillies

  • Mets fans need to take a Quaalude. Seven games into the season is too early to concede the whole season, especially when you’re set to face the likes of Kyle Kendrick and Adam Eaton in the next two games.
  • The Phillies can melt down too. Four errors plus nine walks for the Phils in game two equals Mets victory.
  • Willie Randolph is not a good manager, but Charlie Manuel is worse. Down by two in the seventh inning, having Shane Victorino bunt with two on and no outs is criminal. For one, Victorino is fast, cutting down on the possibility of the double play. Second, if you have so little faith in him, then he shouldn’t be the leadoff hitter. Third, down by two runs on the road, you have to play for the big inning. Furthermore, double-switching out Victorino to move the pitcher’s spot in the batting order one place when you have a short bench is inane.
  • The NL East is going to be fun this year. This was a fun series, and we didn’t even see Santana or Hamels yet. I still think the Mets are superior, but the rivalry lives.
  • There’s no sweeter sound at the end of a baseball game than Bachman-Turner Overdrive.
  • 2 thoughts on “What we learned this week from the Mets and Phillies

    1. Should be fun i agree. Don’t forget that the official 2007 Mets killer Jimmy Rollins was out the final two games — Bruntlett basically blew game 2 all by himself.

    2. Yes, Rollins was out the last two games, but the Mets didn’t have Alou for any of the games. Even so, would having Rollins prevent Kendrick from getting pounded, or Utley’s and Ruiz’s errors, or Condrey’s wild pitch? And on Bruntlett’s first error, you can’t assume the double play with Reyes running. You don’t lose 8-2 solely because your shortstop is out.

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