Despite suffering arguably the worst collapse in baseball history, the Mets finished only one game out of the playoffs. They won 88 games and are bringing back essentially the same team in 2008.

Except replace Tom Glavine, and his 200 innings of corner nibbling, league average performance, with Johan Santana, and his 1+ strikeout per inning, two Cy Youngs in the last four years, and rightful holder of the title “Best Pitcher in Baseball.”

The end of 2007 was bitter. Now the end of 2007 is irrelevant.

See you in October.

2 thoughts on “Supernatural

  1. So Philly’s take is that Santana is nothing more than Jeff Weaver (one above average season before traded to NY), Hideki Irabu (never pitched in MLB before signing with NY), or the 39 year old version of Kevin Brown?

    I’ll let respond.

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