Steve King thinks Christmas is pretty darn neato!

Steve King represents the 5th District of Iowa in Congress. He was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule dealing with America’s problems to put together House Resolution 847: Recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith. Among other things, H. Res. 847 “expresses continued support for Christians in the United States and worldwide” and “acknowledges the international religious and historical importance of Christmas and the Christian faith.” As a Christian myself, I feel so glad to be supported by Rep. King and the United States House of Representatives.

Let me add that the fine people of Iowa who voted Steve King into office deserve more political power. Maybe we let them pick the presidential nominees too.

(In the final vote, there were nine representatives that voted against H. Res. 847, including Barbara Lee (D-CA), and 21 representatives did not vote, including Steve King himself and republican presidential candidates Duncan Hunter, Ron Paul, and Tom Tancredo.)
Yea Christmas and yea Iowa!

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