26.2 in 5:12

[Marathon Medal]
Mel Dandy endured record high temperatures for the Chicago Marathon this past Sunday, completing the course in 5:12. The two times I was able to see her, she was running too fast for me to take a picture. At the third spot we planned to see her, she went by without a trace. Apparently she was running even faster at mile 21 than mile 10. Due to the weather, 10,000 people opted to skip the race entirely, and another 10,000 started but did not finish.

Yeah Wheels!

One thought on “26.2 in 5:12

  1. oh good job mel! i have said this before, and I will say it again. After running Bay to Breakers in May, I decided I never need to run more than 8 miles. That is my limit! Marathons aren’t even tempting to me! But I applaud those who persevere!

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