One win per decade

I recently won myself a $25 gift card for iTunes by winning an MLB weekly challenge on Here’s the proof:

[I won an iTunes gift card!]

My last win in a contest was the 1993 Electronic Gaming Monthly Super Tour Wing Commander: Secret Missions competition. I had played Wing Commander on PC and SNES quite a bit, so when I took my turn at the new Wing Commander: Secret Missions game, I was a natural. I think I shot down 16 enemies, and the most they had seen anyone shoot was like 10 at another stop on their mall tour. For my efforts, I won a copy of the new Wing Commander and this other game for SNES, Outlander. Outlander was a terrible game, but since it was a new release, I was able to sell it at Funcoland for enough money to buy a used GameBoy.

I am predicting that my next win will come in 2015 when I answer a trivia question about Kirby Puckett’s 1989 batting average title, which will earn me two tickets to a high school performance of Cats.

6 thoughts on “One win per decade

  1. the only time i have ever won anything is when I got the foiled gumball out of the machine at video land… which meant i got a free rental… which was good because between me and em… we only had 50 cents… so it was either just two gumballs or get the foiled one and get two gumballs and a rental… i don’t remember what we rented with my winning gumball… but i am sure it was something awesome like tremors…

    this story is not nearly as awesome as one that ends in acquisition of a gameboy…

  2. Fuck you Jer. The last time you won something was in 2004 when the slidriders won the #1 spot in Wordster. I’m hurt that you forgot about that.


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