Top 5 Cubs Fans! (Now with Super Bonus!)

5) The one wearing the Piniella jersey. I’ve never seen anyone with a custom manager’s jersey before.
4) The one wearing the Kyle Farnsworth jersey. Look, Ambiorix Burgos can throw 100 mph too. That doesn’t mean I’d get a custom Mets jersey of his.
3) The one wearing the Yankees Soriano shirt and Cubs hat. The only explanation is that this guy has been following Soriano around since he left New York.
2) The one wearing the Cubs jersey and Red Sox hat. This guy has no soul but doesn’t realize it, thus thinks he’s better than #3.
1) The one wearing the Cubs jersey and White Sox 2005 World Series hat. No comment.

Bonus: The most vocal heckler in our section who decided not to stay for extra innings.

Super Bonus!: The one who took a picture of first base coach Ivan DeJesus. Do you think she (A) thought he was a player (B) collects pictures of first base coaches or (C) wanted a picture of the man the Cubs traded away to get Ryne Sandberg?

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