I think I’m a maven

I’m not sure what this means for my life in a practical sense, but I think I’m a “maven.”

If anyone can tell me how to use this for some personal benefit, I’d appreciate it.

Oh, there’s going to be a big trip to Wisconsin Dells next year. That’s the world’s capital for water parks, although nobody knows why. Everyone’s invited.

3 thoughts on “I think I’m a maven

  1. They have a Wonder Spot!!!!! This one seems like the real thing too! We must go to find the real thing – I mean this lady even got sick!

    This is a reviewer comment from Yahoo! Travel:

    Amazing and Surprisingly authentic
    By Julie Marschand from Naperville, Illinois 60540

    I thought that this was a total tourist trap and that I would be wasting money but my kids wanted to go see it. What a wonderful surprise to find out that I was wrong!!! My children had to enter the house without me because I became so dizzy I had to sit down. This was because of the strong magnetic pull that the igneous rock has in this spot which is what causes all of these crazy anti-gravity stunts to work. My camera started swinging on my shoulder!The kids couldn’t wait until they could see water run uphill against the laws of gravity of the earth! They saw that and they also were able to balance on a thin wooden moulding on a chair and the chair never tumbled away from the wall!!! Wonderful scientifically authentic but fun, fun place to take the kids. Wish I could have gone into the little house, but my system was too sensitive to the rock’s magnetic waves, my doctor said it had to do with the inner ear’s sensitivity.

  2. There’s also someone who describes it as a “Wonder Scam.” I hope Julie Marschand of Naperville, IL, isn’t part of some insidious Mystery/Wonder Spot cartel who goes around the internet posting positive reviews about these places for a cut of the profits. Maybe she doesn’t even have kids! I bet she’s sitting at home just counting down the minutes until she gets you hooked on her scheme!

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