Nissan Stanza (Albany Library)

This was one of the first art cars I ever saw in Berkeley, and it would pop up on occasion during the pre-collection days. But once I started snapping pictures of Berkeley cars, it disappeared. After two years, I spotted it at the Albany Library one evening, and thankfully it didn’t escape while I went home to grab my camera. Unfortunately, however, the artist removed all markings of the make and model, which are required info for any posting on the Realm of the Wombat. It looks like a Dodge Aries, but Google images of Aries K’s from the 1980’s didn’t seem to match up. With the help of Wikipedia, I think I have it pinned as a Nissan Stanza.

The car is also listed with as the “Mondrian Mobile.” Piet Mondrian was a Dutch artist in the De Stijl movement, whose style was typified by blocks of primary colors (and black and white) separated by thick, black lines.

[Click for larger image of the Nissan Stanza]

[Click for larger image of the Nissan Stanza]

3 thoughts on “Nissan Stanza (Albany Library)

  1. if i am not mistaken… same artist who inspired the paint job on what i believe is a furniture gallery on University near the interstate…

    if only you could have snapped the pic of this car in front of that building… priceless…

  2. The car has too many curved and diagonal lines to be considered typical of the De Stijl style of art. The blue hues are too far removed from the primary blue as well.

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