Eels with Smoosh at the Fillmore

[Eels concert poster]A few words about the opening act. Smoosh [official site / allmusic bio] is a duo of sisters from Seattle, aged 14 and 12. They played at the Fillmore in San Francisco. This is an awesome way to spend one’s summer vacation.

What makes an Eels show great is that it’s going to be unique, almost by definition. The studio albums incorporate a substantial amount of electronics, which E doesn’t try to repicate live. Additionally, this tour is featuring a fourth member of the band. “Member of the band” might be a generous description. Krazy Al came on stage wearing a black t-shirt with “SECURITY” on front and back. At first, it seemed he was only on stage to look intimidating while E and Co. rocked the opener, Shoe to Drop. It wasn’t long though before he became part of the act, bringing E a phone mid-song, then put on a full blown martial arts demonstration. In addition to the visual and background vocals, he provided supporting percussion with lead pipes and bells. He even jammed on E’s guitar for a few minutes in the middle of “Guest List” while E went off-stage and later handled the keyboard as well. Other highlights of the main set were a solo variant of “Last Stop: This Town” and a gospel choir-esque “My Beloved Monster.” During the encore, Smoosh came back on stage, danced around with Krazy Al, and provided background vocals. It was a scene.

According to Jeanie’s Diary, the setlist:
Old Shit/New Shit
The Other Shoe
Rock Show
Crazy Love
Eyes Down
Dirty Girl
After the Operation
Jesus Gonna Be Here Soon
Mother Mary
Sound of Fear
My Beloved Monster
Fingertips, Part III
From Which I Came/A Magic World
Rags to Rags
Last Stop: This Town
Not Ready Yet
Railroad Man
Dog Faced Boy
Souljacker, Pt 1
I Put a Spell on You
That’s Life
Cancer for the Cure
I Like Birds
Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues
Saturday Morning

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