Volkswagen Beetle (Sonoma)

Is this the producer of Toy Story 2 or just a big fan? I don’t know, but they did spring for the vanity plates. Classy.

[Click for larger image of the Volkswagen Beetle (Sonoma)]

[Click for larger image of the Volkswagen Beetle (Sonoma)]

One thought on “Volkswagen Beetle (Sonoma)

  1. A little late of a response, but I was looking for a picture of this Bug! I remember seeing it when I was a kid growing up in Sonoma. The story was that it was John Lasseter’s beetle, as he lives in Glen Ellen. You could see him driving it around sometimes, and they revamped it for the Bugs Life release, so it looked like a ladybug.
    Also, because he wanted to support local businesses, he made it so that all Pixar releases in Sonoma would only show in Sebastiani Theatre. You could never watch them in the Cinemas in Auga Caliente.

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