Life Size Mouse Trap

As soon as I found out about this show, I knew we were going. Who could resist seeing a life sized version of the board game Mouse Trap? The show started with a performance by the Oakland based gothic jazz act Knees and Elbows, which Melissa thoroughly enjoyed, and I thought was a lounge act from hell. Then it was time for the main event. One member of the Mouse Trap team was running around in a pink bunny suit with an army hat on telling everyone, “It will never work!” in a German accent. There was some worry that he would be right, but the contraption worked like a charm, definitely better than the small version. This goes down with the Mystery Spot as $5 well spent.

[Click for a larger picture of the Life Sized Mouse Trap]

[Click for a larger picture of the Life Size Mouse Trap]

More pictures can be found at Laughing Squid’s flickr page and there’s a video from a previous performance at the official site. This most certainly belongs on Roadside America, but sadly it seems like there may not be any more shows.

[Melissa with the dogs outside the Life Size Mouse Trap]

[Melissa on the giant rocking horse at the Life Size Mouse Trap]

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