Daylight Super-Savings!

Although some people disagree, I think daylight savings time is a great thing. It’s pointless to have an hour of daylight wasted before I wake up in the morning when I could enjoy it later in the day. Apparently Congress agrees with me, as they voted to extend the duration of daylight savings. Finally some legislation I believe in.

But now it’s time to go a step further. In the late spring/early summer, I’m still sleeping through an hour of sunlight. How will we get that hour back? Spring ahead again. That’s right, we’ll go two hours ahead of standard time. How great would that be? There will be sunlight until almost 10pm at the deepest part of summer. It wouldn’t get dark at a “night” baseball game until the seventh inning. It’s time for America to assert its status as a world leader by being the first to enact daylight super savings!

Add this to my platform for when I run for benevolent dictator of the world. It’s not as ridiculous as my plot to never spring ahead, only fall back.

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